1:00 p.m. Saturday, March 11, 2017
‘Seaman-the-Dog's Big Party’ will feature magic show and art contest

The Sioux City Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center will present “Seaman-the-Dog’s Big Party,” a kids’ event with magician Corey Fravel, 1-2 p.m. Saturday, March 11. Admission will be free.

The event for kindergarten through eighth grades will begin with Fravel’s magic show in the Betty Strong Encounter Center auditorium. The fun will continue with treats and a “Seaman-the-Dog-in-Siouxland” art contest. Prizes will be awarded.

The event will commemorate Capt. Meriwether Lewis’ big, trusty Newfoundland and his contributions to the Corps of Discovery.

 “Seaman helped feed the explorers by catching beavers, squirrels and even an antelope. He saved the sleeping soldiers from a charging buffalo bull and warned the soldiers when grizzly bears threatened their camp,” says Sara Olson, the Center’s History Education Coordinator.

Seaman is mentioned not only in Lewis’ journal, but also those of Capt. William Clark and Sgt. John Ordway. The large, shaggy-haired dog remained a loyal and valued member of the Corps of Discovery the entire trip to the Pacific Ocean.

It’s not known if Seaman arrived in St. Louis with the expedition on September 23, 1806. Lewis last mentions him on July 15, 1806, when Seaman was battling mosquito bites.

For more information, contact Olson at: SOlson@siouxcitylcic.com or 712-224-5242.