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Traditional Native Games
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Photo of Ipahotonpi (Pop Gun) game
Tasiha Unpi (Catching Deer Bones
with a Needle)
Played informally by adults and children, male and female, but only women played it in formal competition and for stakes. The pin is held in one hand; the bones in the other hand. The player tosses the bones in the air and then attempts to catch the bones with the pin. Points are awarded according to the number of bones and/or the number of beaded loops that are caught on the pin. If all the bones are caught, the player automatically wins.
(Game piece crafted and photographed by Mike Marshall, Rosebud, S.D.)
Calendar of Events Title
2:00 pm Sunday, February 25
"The Homestead Act:
Creating Home Out of a Frontier"
presented by Dr. Scott Culpepper
1:00 pm Saturday, March 10
"If I Were a Captain" Kids' Party
and Art Contest
Winner Announcements
2:00 pm Sunday, March 4
"Noah Towns: The Art of Faking It"
20th century popular music performed
by a classically trained musician
2:00 pm Sunday, March 11
"Backroads Beauty"
Scenes of beauty along country roads
with photographer Christan Begeman
See calendar for additional